Every Child Matters



Elm Road strives to create an atmosphere where all children and adults feel safe, valued and included. The kind of place where every child can arrive with a smile on their face, where there is a keen sense of belonging and a pride in their school. We believe that all children have a voice to be heard and that their care and education must lie at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in life long learning and that adults can learn from children and children can learn from adults. Sharing experiences and together discovering the excitement and enjoyment of acquiring new knowledge and understanding. Achievements are there to be celebrated, ideas to be shared and respect for others is evident in all we do.

We aim to create an environment in which people are comfortable to say ‘well done’, ‘thank you’ and ‘I need help’. Where children and adults see politeness as the norm and are happy to open doors for each other, where attempting is celebrated as much as achieving.

Elm Road School wants everyone to have the experience of tasting success and to feel good about themselves as a member of both the school and wider community.

Our school is a place where children start on the road to achieve their dreams and where adults can smile and say that our children are well.

In Elm Road School ‘Every Child Matters’.


We wish Mrs Loosemore good luck and much happiness exploring pastures new.


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